A little about us:

My name is Deanne and my husband is James, we have two teenage daughters. I am not the typical earthy girl that many people associate with, well, girls who enjoy camping. I am a girly girl, I love to dress up and go to gala's just as much as I love to dress down and hit the trail. James is my perfect compliment! We are both in our mid thirties and we decided to begin this blog and see where it leads us.

We enjoy camping, both what we call "Car Camping", where the car is nearby or next to the site, and Backpack Camping where we hike in and hunker down for a night or two. On warm sunny days you will find us floating down a river somewhere on our Kayaks and once or twice a year we will even take to the sea! James is a Mountain Biker (I am a bit scared of biking, but you just never know, one day I may join him) and I love to run!

In all of our adventures we discovered it was difficult to find details on where the best spots were for camping, how to find the hard to find but amazing spots, where the best kayak river access points were and details on trails to bike and run. In addition we could have used tips and tricks along the way to avoid "situations" and gear review from people like us, the girl and guy next door!

We have done so much of figuring things out on our own and so we thought we'd share in our findings!

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